WTF is this place?

A long story short... kind of

I'm Dustin McComas. No, that isn't George Clooney on the set of a new Ocean's movie set in Italy. That's me enjoying an ice-cold Victoria, the best beer of its type, on a boat in the Xochimilco canals outside Mexico City.

Since 2006, I've worked in some capacity at What began as an internship writing about Texas Longhorn Baseball evolved, along with a brief stint as a radio producer at 104.9 FM The Horn (the artist formerly known as ESPN Austin), into a full-time job as a journalist covering all things Longhorns at

(I'm doing this because I can. If you're a Texas fan and you're not a subscriber at, change that. Now. Stop reading, and go subscribe to the biggest, best, most unique online community for Longhorn fans.)

Back on topic. Now, I write columns; host multiple podcasts; cover Texas Basketball, basketball recruiting, Texas Baseball; lend a helping hand to what makes the big bucks - Texas Football and recruiting; and have appeared as a guest analyst on Longhorn Network, KXAN Austin, and weekly at FM 104.9 The Horn. Basically, I do a bit of everything just like Mike Trout. I also have multiple years experience as an associate scout (Pittsburgh Pirates), part-time scout (Los Angeles Dodgers), and interviewed with a MLB team for a scouting position. Scouting, like writing, is a passion and has allowed me to improve as a writer, analyst, reporter, and fantasy baseball player.

Speaking of Trout, if you can't figure it out by now, I'm a fan, although my pro teams are the Red Sox and Pirates (long story... family is from outside Pittsburgh). My over-the-top appreciation for Trout's career, and specifically his fWAR and bWAR, started long, long ago when WAR was still the new kid on the scene, and resulted in too many hours spent arguing about MVP voting at the Inside the 40 Acres forum at Even my wife jokes about the Trout infatuation.

Anyway, what's one of the most common phrases or questions associated with Trout? His WAR. Thus, the website name. Hopefully, one of you arrived at this page by googling "Mike Trout WAR" because that was definitely part of the thought process.

While I'm an enormous fan of and have written about college and pro football, soccer, and NBA and college basketball, baseball holds a special place in my sports heart. It probably started when my entire family - parents and grandparents - was ejected from a t-ball championship game because the umpire, father to one of the other team's players, was mad we were winning. Seriously. That happened. A childhood friend is in possession of the video. I was a good high school player who then pursued college baseball at Louisiana Tech before ejected me from the game - the odds are against 5-10 righthanders with below average fastball velocity making it professionally.

When I was 12, my 8-team H2H ESPN team finished top 20 overall, and ever since, I've been completely hooked on fantasy baseball as well. It helped pay for a down payment on my house thanks to winning an 18-team ROTO league capped by Spencer Turnbull's two-start week the final week of the regular season. God bless that man.

With a son on the way - yes, a Trout onesie was already purchased - I'm going to be at home and awake - emphasis on 'awake' - more often, and watching and writing about baseball - real and fantasy - is a passion. Some people are able to do two things very quickly: think and type. When it comes to baseball, the keyboard and my brain create a Ronald Acuna, Jr. and Ozzie Albies-like bromance. 

Some of this will be serious, some not; I hope the fantasy baseball analysis is both entertaining and helpful and I hope the MLB writing is original and informative. Basically, I hope you'll find this as entertaining as it is for me to do.