2020 SEASON - 2.6 fWAR; 1.6 bWAR
2019 SEASON - 8.6 fWAR; 8.3 bWAR

CAREER - 76.0 fWAR; 74.4 bWAR

What is WAR? It's okay. Fair question. Here's a couple snippets of the definition from Fangraphs.com:

"Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is an attempt by the sabermetric baseball community to summarize a player’s total contributions to their team in one statistic... WAR offers an estimate to answer the question, “If this player got injured and their team had to replace them with a freely available minor leaguer or a AAAA player from their bench, how much value would the team be losing?” This value is expressed in a wins format, so we could say that Player X is worth +6.3 wins to their team while Player Y is only worth +3.5 wins, which means it is highly likely that Player X has been more valuable than Player Y... WAR is a simple attempt to combine a player’s total contribution into a single value."