2021 2B Rankings (Version 1.0)

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It's unlikely any of these players are selected in the first two rounds of 12-team drafts and maybe even 15-team leagues as well. However, diverse profiles up-and-down the list, and fluctuating value throughout different pockets of draft, make this year's second basemen important puzzle pieces to shape your roster.

Building a batting average base and finding at least some steals, and guys who contribute across the board, is important during the first rounds of any draft. Even after Ozzie Albies saw injuries take away his value, I'm still betting on him to be one of the best fantasy second basemen of the season. Let's get to the list:

Hiura remains one of the toughest guys for me to project each season because while the hitting talent and power are very real, the K% isn't going away. He'll chip in enough steals to help boost his profile, and could hit cleanup.

After looking at some at-bats and reading how Marte and the Diamondbacks described his injury, I really do think it sucked some power out of his bat, especially from the left side. Assuming he's healthy, he's a slight swing adjustment away from something similar to 2019.

Biggio is a very popular player entering 2021 because of steals and he's going to get on base a lot in a great lineup. I just worry about the lack of elite max exit velocity.

McNeil is a career .319 hitter and his counting stats should get a little boost from the improvements to the Mets lineup. He doesn't run and doesn't have a ton of power. But batting average and positional eligibility are valuable.

I was surprised to see what Tommy Edman's career sample looked like. He's kind of like a poor man's Albies but with eligibility all over the place.

If Cleveland platoons Gimenez or moves him away from shortstop, I give up. It is cheap. But it's not stupid. I think he plays everyday and Rosario either gets moved around the diamond or is traded.

Solak's batted-ball data suggests there's more power to come in the profile, and Texas trading away Andrus makes me feel even stronger about his role and future.

The hitting adjustments on video I noticed from Segura were both noticeable and impactful. He tapped into his athleticism and lower half more with positive results. I'd bet on Kingery slumping and losing time before Segura even after the Didi signing.

I think the Dodgers view Chris Taylor as a better player than Gavin Lux and I'm not sure why we shouldn't either until proven otherwise.

Rockies players are headaches because of Rockies management. I get the allure because of the speed in the profiles, but are any of them really worth it besides Story?

The Red Sox made a fairly substantial financial commitment to Hernandez, which suggests his role could be bigger than what it was at times in Los Angeles.

Even if La Stella is only a platoon guy, he's on the good side of the platoon and should hit high in the Giants' lineup. Plus, San Francisco's financial commitment suggests he's going to play a near-everyday part in what it does.

Saw Hoerner up close in college and came away impressed. I think he has enough natural feel and is a smart enough player to begin lifting the ball more over time. But until he does, not a fantasy profile capable of making big impact.

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