2021 SS rankings (way-too-late version 1.0)

So, we went four days without power. Then, we went 17 days without hot water. At the same time, our now 11-month-old son's daycare flooded and didn't open from 2/12 until 3/8. While we didn't have it nearly as bad as most, the winter storm of the century in Austin, Texas forced the McComas family to adapt as 2021 versions of nomads, bouncing from one relative's house to the in-laws. I think I probably lost a couple years off my life.

Anyway, the truth about these rankings is they aren't version 1.0; unfortunately, life got in the way, which includes my full-time job covering Texas Baseball and Basketball. I actually update my google sheets of rankings daily as I catch up on news, watch games when I can and do more research. The shortstop list:

I think Tatis, Jr. and Turner are two of the best players to start a team foundation with. Obviously, Tatis, Jr. is in the conversation as the No. 1 overall pick. So, duh, I suppose. But it's paramount managers acquire speed and batting average early with some power as well.

Bogaerts's shoulder seems like a non-issue, and I think he's poised to beat ADP value. Alex Cora has discussed wanting Boston to be more athletic, and Bogaerts swiped eight bags last season, which is also as much as Bo Bichette has in his MLB career.

Mondesi is the ultimate boom-or-bust pick. He's capable of winning leagues and capable of providing basically no return on draft investment.

Baez and Torres were both going WAY higher in 2020 drafts, and both are quality bets to exceed current ADP value. For Torres, he's still very young and was slowed coming into last season; meanwhile, Baez was affected by the lack of video room access, which is returning in 2021.

Cronenworth is among the most difficult players to rank in fantasy baseball. Here's where I am: he was one of the best hitters in baseball last season; his glove can play all over; he hits from the left side. Yeah, his lineup spot might suck, but I think he's going to push 600 plate appearances. Recently, esteemed Padres beat writer Dennis Lin said on The Athletic's Baseball in 15 podcast Cronenworth is the starting second baseman.

For very deep, 15-team leagues, and especially draft-and-holds, guys like Ahmed, Iglesias, Simmons, Galvis provide nice options. He possesses little to no power, but Iglesias has long been an underrated possible batting average source.

You probably won't be drafting from this list unless it's a 15-team draft-and-hold... that said, I need to look a little deeper into Newman's swing changes this spring. He didn't impact the ball much in 2019 from an exit velocity standpoint, but he always put the ball in play and he had the green light to run.

Franco is going to be a star, but I don't think it'll be this year. The 2020 season was basically a lost one for him, including winterball.

I really liked Hoerner when I saw him up close in college, and he's a swing change away from being significantly more interesting.

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