FINAL POSITION RANKS: Get your second baseman early and grab another one very late...

We'll continue with the final position ranks of the 2020 fantasy baseball season with the second basemen. And the middle is a barren wasteland. So, it might benefit drafters to spend on one early or remain patient enough to capitalize on some "boring" regulars later in drafts.

Let's take a look:

A former top prospect with two good, full seasons under his belt, Albies will hit at the top of the Braves lineup again while providing some power, a lot of runs, some RBI, and a valuable about of steals with an above average or better batting average.

Marte enjoyed a massive breakout last season. So, perhaps spending up on him might prove a tad costly. That said, I really value his positional flexibility, Arizona could benefit noticeably from its schedule, and even if the power slightly regresses, he should provide similar numbers to Albies.

I love Hiura's talent, and ended up pushing him up in the final rankings. While the concerns about the K% are real, he posted a wRC+ of 155 the final half of the season compared to a 104 start.

Villar is an average at best hitter being overvalued because of his steals. I'm steering clear relative to ADP. As for Muncy, wrote about his flexibility benefit in the 1B rankings.


Eligible at three positions, McNeil is now up to 196 MLB games with a career wRC+ of 141.

Is Lux a platoon risk projected to hit near the bottom of the order? Yes. I'm betting on the talent and production to keep him in the lineup more often than not.

It's kind of weird how similar Lowe and Acuna, Jr.'s batted-ball profiles are:

Ronald Acuna, Jr.'s SwSp%, hard hit%, barrel% and barrels per PA%: 40.5, 46.9, 15.0 and 9.2.

Brandon Lowe's SwSp%, hard hit%, barrel% and barrels per PA%: 40.2, 46.2, 16.3, and 9.2.

When Lowe puts the ball in play, great things happen because of his 16.3 barrel%, 40.2 sweet spot%, .507 xSLG, .501 xwOBAcon, and 46.2 hard hit%. Those numbers, among 150 batted ball events, all rank in the top 50, and only two players had a better duo of sweet spot% and barrel% - Jason Castro and Mike Trout. Of course, the gigantic K% and whiff issues are difficult to ignore, but that isn't stopping anyone from drafting Hiura 100 spots earlier.

Only one hitter ranked ahead of the man himself, Mike Trout, in SwSp% (sweet spot) last season - Cavan Biggio. Biggio was one of nine hitters with a SwSp% of 40% or better and top 100 barrel%. Yeah, you’re going to take a batting average hit, but the chances are solid for average or better contribution in every other category; he was a perfect 14-of-14 in stolen base attempts last season.

Escobar, after hitting 35 homers and driving in 118 last year, is projected to hit third against righties in Arizona's lineup with two-position eligibility.


I'm bullish on Chavis because the power, opportunity in a good lineup, and versatility are real.

Beware of Newman's caught stealing rate from last season if you're banking on a lot of steals.

There are some boring names on this list, but also some real values considering lineup placement and being known commodities. Wong could hit leadoff; Goodrum will hit at or near the top with flexibility; Alberto should do the same; Arraez might flirt with .400.

If age 36 wasn't beside Kendrick's name, he'd go 150 spots earlier. Hell, maybe I should have ranked him that way. Kendrick, according to his Statcast profile, which could be nicknamed the "Red Light District of Columbia," was one of the best hitters in baseball during the 2019 season. Unfortunately, he's yet to be cleared for workouts, which likely means COVID-19 issues.


When I talk about the depth of the position, this is what I'm referring to. Almost every name on this list is projected to be an everyday player, and a few of them could hit near the top or in the middle of their respective lineups. In 15-team leagues, it would prove wise to wait on another second baseman until deep in the rounds, especially considering some of these players offer stolen bases.

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